What is Palisade Fencing?

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What is Palisade Fencing?

Palisade fencing is one of our most popular fencing choices here at SHS Fencing. It’s a brilliant security solution for our commercial clients, offering a wide range of options.

Where security is a top priority, palisade fencing is extremely popular.

Constructed with two horizontal running rails with two vertical joints attached, it’s an extremely durable metal fence. It prevents the likelihood of people climbing over or cutting through it.

Many people will recognise our palisade fencing from various public areas. They’re used to border the perimeter of railways, fence off power conduits from the public and animals, and at airports.

What you can expect with palisade fencing:
● Strong and durable design
● Excellent Protection
● ‘D’ or ‘W’ Profile

As part of our security fencing solutions, we can design and install high security fencing for your property. We will work to your requirements to ensure you receive the right fencing solution to suit your needs.

Steel palisade fencing specifications
Steel palisade fencing is flexible and durable in its design. It can be built to a range of standard heights up to 3.0 metres, it can also be designed to meet specific requirements.
Palisade toppings
One of the most recognisable features of any steel palisade fence is the top finish. Pointed pales are almost expected and are extremely popular. They add extra security and deterrence, with single and triple pointed options.

Other toppings include a rounded finish, a rounded and notched finish, straight cut pales or square topped pales.

D and W profiles provide substantial security. The W profile has sharper edges, which is a visual deterrent and is harder to scale.

Benefits of palisade fencing
Palisade fencing is the first choice for commercial and industrial security. It’s been a popular security measure for decades.

Here’s why you should choose palisade fencing:
● High security – as standard these fences provide high security. They can be customised to have extra security measures too, including anti-climb, cameras and signage.
● Various design choices – choose from a range of heights and different profiles and toppings.
● Low maintenance – they weather resistant and do not require regular maintenance.
● Powder coated – giving you the freedom to colour your fencing to stand out or blend in with its surroundings.
● Privacy – you will achieve ultimate privacy with this security fence.
Would you like to discuss palisade fencing?
We have an experienced team of fencing contractors available to speak with you. Head over to our contact page to get in touch!

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