Close Board Fencing

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Close Board Fencing

Protect, guard and outline with close board fencing

Popular across the UK, close board fencing is an exceptional option for domestic and commercial settings. Its strength and durability mean it can be seen in gardens and businesses everywhere.  

Close board fencing is trusted by homeowners all over the UK to offer protection from intruders. Its height enables it to provide privacy. And, like all fencing, outlines and marks boundaries.

For any investment in fencing, close boarding could be ideal.

Choose the height, select the wood stain and have a matching gate built bespoke to your needs. It is really that simple.

SHS Fencing can provide this service – helping to revolutionise your garden area or land in three easy steps.

Why invest in close board fencing?

On top of its ability to guard, protect and offer privacy, close boarding has an abundance of other benefits. Below are four benefits to choosing close board fencing over other styles:

  1. Concreted fence posts create a strong defence against high winds
  2. Ideal method for uneven surfaces or slopes
  3. Variety of sizes available for all types of domestic and commercial settings
  4. A cost-effective way to protect your garden

What is close board fencing?

Also known as feather edge fencing, close boards are a simple concoction of overlapping boards.

These boards – as the feather edge name suggests – thin from one side to the other. This allows them to slip behind one another; creating a strong, sturdy bond.

Close board fencing typically features vertical fencing panels which are then topped off with a wooden rail. This secures each panel in place and halts the chance of early onset rot.

In some cases, close board fencing has decorative trellis elements on top alongside a range of other options.

The vertical feather edge fencing panels are then placed into the ground depending on the surface and the specific application. This uses gravel boards and concrete for the ultimate security barrier.

The result of close board fencing

Once you have close board fencing installed correctly and professionally in your garden, you will see the immediate difference. Treated timber and the feather edge style combine to offer effortless strength, durability and reliability.

Your new close board fencing will stand up to the test of weathering and rot, as long as you choose a professional team.

Installation is the key to the longevity of your fencing. Failure to select an experienced fencing team will lead to early onset rot and increased weathering effects.

Organise an expert installation from SHS Fencing today.

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